Duality full credits

Narration by Deepak Chopra

Directed by Emad Asfoury

Produced by
Basil Moore

Sarah Lynn Dawson
Emad Asfoury

Executive Producers
Peymaneh M. Rothstein
Emad Asfoury

Written by
Sarah Lynn Dawson

Danny – Jon Foo
Emerald – Sarah Lynn Dawson
Kyle – Don Most
Optio – Bryan Cartago

Director of Photography – Emad Asfoury

Production Designer – Jon Texas

Sandcastle by Dan the Sandman

Edited by
Emad Asfoury
Basil Moore

Assistant Editor – Brian Jahns

Costume Designer – Brigitte Berg

Original Music Composed and Conducted by – Basil Moore

Assistant Director – Joe Bohn

Assistant Camera and Camera B – Aaron Bratcher

Associate Producer – Katelyn Lieber

Production Co-ordinator – Maieka Saint-Albin

Production Staff – Ashley Solano

Production Sound – Jesse Akins

Gaffer – Jon-Luke Kvapil

Grip – Alexander Kanakis

Script Supervisor – Mary Shellogg

Set Photographer – Erika Doss

Life Coach – Megan VanAlstine

Production Assistants –
Michael Edwards
Erin Wenrick
Kaiya Rodriguez
David Bornstein

Stunt Co-ordinator – Jon Foo

Stunts – Jon Foo & Bryan Cartago

Hair & Make up – Allison McGuillicuddy

Song Credits
‘Look Back In’ – Moby

Sound Editing & Sound Mixing – Mark Hailstone & Andrew Troy

Surround Sound Final Mix – Andrew Troy & Emad Asfoury

Visual Effects – TJ Morgan

Music Performers
Virtuoso Guitar – Nocy Karkour
Cello – Kevan Torfeh
Violin – Crystal Joyce

Cameras, Lenses, and production facilities by:
L.A. Color Studio

Catering – Mobile Catering Services

The Producers would like to thank:
Deepak Chopra

With special thanks to:
Constance Demby
Hanan Sharaf
Jake & Alicia Fermanian
Jackie & Roddy Javaheri
Theo Dumont
Andrew Troy
Howard Lazar
William J. Meyer
Rolando Vinas
Steven King
Sean Delon

Thanks to:
Screen Actors Guild
The Producers Guild of America